I Would Like

“What can I get you on this fine day?”

“Fine? Are you blind? The sky’s dark gray!”

“That doesn’t matter, today can still be great!

“Who put an Unhappy Meal on your breakfast plate?”

“Nobody, I would like to order, now-”

“Whoa! Slow down! Have you been taught how-?”


“That’s more like it, I’ll get you grilled cheese-”

“With a side order for my pet frog, fleas!”

“Here’s your usual, anything more?”

“For the sky to quit this damned downpour.”

“I would like to earn more than minimum wage,

“So that hopefully one day I can make front page!”

“I would like for world hunger to end and build a bridge, not a wall-”

“Oh! Faithful customer! Wouldn’t we all?”


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