I Won't Get Into College 10.31.14

because I've got a kink in my neck.

Keeping my eyes low to the ground

that I can't straighten out 

from all the weight

of a future coming to me

that I am unsure of,

a melancholy  aura I see

that I have no control of.

I really hate the noise

and to try to be a part of it,

with nothing figured out,

turns my weeks into soft butter.

How do I keep the seams

from bursting from pressure,

my grades from swimming downward,

and my heart from breaking.


It's not that I'm not cut out,

for an honorable institution, it's just that,

my mental reception is full of

bad memories,

and things stuck to the bottom.

A sticky wet mess.

Ruining the mechanics of a survivor.


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