I woke up this morning


I woke up this morning with a smile on my face

I love being able to tell myself it'll be okay


Even though last night was nothing but a mess

I was able to wake up this morning with no stress


As I roll out of bed and my feet hit the floor

I start making my way to my bedroom door


Something on my wall catches my eye

It's my mirror that I always walk by


This time my reflection looks different

I look happier and full of confidence


Now, this is something totally new for me

I don't feel like the girl I used to be


I can finally smile at my reflection

I'm not at all worried about perfection


I finally feel comfortable in the body I'm in

I'm not ashamed of the marks on my skin


Beauty is not the number on the scale

It's not if your skin is tan or pale


As long as you're happy with the view

Then nobody can take that away from you


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