I wish.....no I will pray

Sometimes I wish,
People can go out and live their dreams,
Sometimes I wish,
Foolish people could stop plotting evil schemes.
Sometimes I wish,
Love can be showed more from the heart,
Sometimes I wish,
Guys wouldn't just pay attention to our body parts.
You know wishing things can make you HAPPY.
But praying for things can make things HAPPEN.
Take the Y off of happy and the EN off of happen.
Y stands for you, E stands for everyone else, and N stands for now know.
Lets put it in a sentence. You and everyone else now know how to have faith and believe that all things will happen if you put God first!



I wrote this to encourage people that are going through alot of pain in their life. It explains that anything is possible for God! So when you are hurting or lonely, God is always their for EVERYONE.

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