I Wished, I Could Lie

I wish I could lie
Parade in a snowy white lie filled gown
Half truths gleaming like diamonds across my breasts
I wish I could lie
Dazzle the crowds with smelly BS
Carry off gossip, pollinating ears upon busy wings
I wish I could lie
I wish I could imagine dramas and explanations that delight fancies
Wear false papers crowns for envy and malice
I wish I could lie
Smile and cheer, touching people with false noble grace
Hugs and sympathy all built upon half truths, white lies and the knowing nod
I wish I could lie
Glowing with self righteousness Proud before a crowd, I take for a ride
Each person gullible, hope based upon sappy dope
I wish I could lie
Wear fancy clothes and glide among the stars
I would shine and give them hell, if I could only lie
This poem is about: 
Our world


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