I Wish You Would Tell Me

I remember when you would hold me close

And whisper how much you love me

I remember when he gave you a rose

And it filled you with such glee

For years, you brought me so much joy

I’d never leave you like a broken toy

Five expressed their love for you

A husband, daughters, and a son

I knew that to be true

But why is it that now only one loves you?


I wish you would tell me

Of what it is you are hiding

Is there something that I don’t see?

Why, Mami, are you crying?

Why do you make such a face?

I know the past can never be erased

But why are you suffering alone?

It wounds me deeply to see you so

You can’t do this on your own

Only one can help you, we’ve known


You brought me here to this world

You gave me a home and your love

Then three came by and you loved us so

With all your heart and soul

The Lord had blessed you with four

Beautiful children to love and care


For years I’ve ask for nothing

Except your love for me

But I know there’s something

That you don’t want me to see

We had bad times in life

And still I choose you

I wish you would tell me

So that I may understand

No matter how much it hurts,

I still want to know

I will always love you


This poem is about: 
My family


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