I Wish Roses Lasted Forever-Poem


A seed sprouts its roots and reaches upwards towards life,


It does not know where it is,


Or what is to come




It breaks through the soil with freedom in mind,


Suddenly feeling the joys of life,


Sun, Air, Peace




The sprout starts out simple,


Watching the world pass by without a glance,


but it will soon change the minds of all




As the world continues around it,


the rose learns of struggle,


Cold, loneliness, darkness




Despite all, it continues on


Soaking up the nourishment life brings


Basking in the good of the world




As life deals its hand,


It moves onward with force


Now fully blossomed,


No one ignores it






It’s praised for its beauty, aroma, its magic,


longing to be frozen in the moment forever




One day it’s uprooted,


Taken from Mother Nature,


Confined in a foreign place,


Only to be a decoration






Although taken care of,


The rose needs more


Its journey of life,


Will soon be over




People pass by in awe and wonder,


But as time goes by,


 the rose starts to wither


No one takes notice,


No one cares,


The rose, once again,


Is invisible like air





After the life is drained from the flower,


Someone comes along and spreads its ashes,


Though the rose thought beauty was its purpose,


It stood for so much more,


that shall never be forgotten






Its impact carries on


In new forms and new ways,


Still bringing happiness, light, love




Although the rose


is no longer here,


Its legacy lives on


Forever more




-Courtney Mae


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