I Wish


I wish I was a prospect

A prophecy to fulfill

I wish I was a MC

With dope rap skills that kill

I wish I was that nice guy

That everyone talked about

Not because they don’t like him

But because they wanna take his route

I wish I was the dream

That my parents had up in their sleep

I wish I was boss

With nothin’ but money that’s knees deep

I wish I was leader

For everyone else to follow

But my chest is missing a heart

Talk about a feeling that’s hollow

I wish I didn’t have

Such a horrible mentality

I wish the fake switch was turned off

So I could start to see reality

I wish that I had some glasses

So I could read this passage

About how I’m slowly dying inside

Mortal illness-contained molasses

I wish I could just turn my head

So I could get over all this

I wish knowing my true self

Wouldn’t make me so sick

I wish I knew who

I was to become to be

A man with money

Or another bum just living in the streets

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