I win.


   You walk these halls with your head held high.

    The boys watch you as you walk on by.


     You are Miss Popular with your fancy clothes.

      But do they know what is going on when the door is closed?


     You have your secrets and I have mine.

      But I have nothing to hide.


      When I mess up, you'll be there when I do. 

       And you will be the one I want to run to.


       But will you be there for me?

        Or will you be the one to turn against me?


        You let your head get to you and make all who don't matter to you feel pain.

        All because you can't let go of yesterday.


       You dont care what happens to me.

        Or what you do that causes me to forget who I want to be.


        You have your ego and pride to protect.

         But in the back of your mind, you'll be thinking what you did, or did you already forget?


        They say High School makes or breaks us all.

        But did they realize this would be your downfall?


          When you leave this school, you step into the real world.

           This is when you have to become a big girl.


           You loose the halls that you once walked down.

           You loose all the people you made frown.


            You loose your so called" best friend"

             And you loose this game, I win.


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