I will be...

I've sprouted from the ground below,

to tower over my surroundings.

I've struggled, bled and gone the distance,

Finally finding my strength.


I'm older now than I wad before.

I've seen the world.

I've made my way.

Now, I'm ready to live.


I am passion. I am power.

I work for my joys,

always pleasing.

I am ready to find me.


Starting young, I lost my way.

I never knew the me I could be.

I wanted help, I couldn't cope.

I didn't know the world.


But now I've seen what lies ahead,

for me it at first looked bleak.

I've found a passion, I'll keep it true.

I'll find the person I'm meant to be.


I've buried the meek, questioning me.

I'll follow my dreams overseas,

and find a new life in Sapporo, or Osaka.

There, I think, is where I wait to be found.


A love of word, a love of language.

I've always found passion in speech and writing.

I live in books, and hide in poems.

I breathe kanji and kana.


I'll find my way,

I'll find myself.

But first, I have places to go.


I'll follow the path I've set.

I'll work as I always have; with passion.

Drive. Focus.

I'll become the me I should have always been.  

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