I will!

i am

not a statistic

I will rise above the stigmas

I will make my ancestors proud

I am powerful

I float like a butterfly and sting like a bee

but don’t try to control me 

because I will come after you like a flea

you see I am me, myself, and I 

so don’t try to get in my way

for I will push you into another dimension 

along with me and my family

I have goals for myself

I know my own wealth

I am smart, kind, and intelligent

what more else could you ask for?

You have to work twice as hard! they say

Just to meet the minimum

So I keep grinding 


fighting for my rights

which should be afforded to me 

but that’s not always the case

in a place where the society was not designed for me to thrive

built on the blood, sweat, and tears of my ancestors gave

I’m just trying to make it out here

the streets ain’t nice

and they definitely weren’t made for me 

So Imma do me

being free 

setting the bar

reaching goals

changing the roles

switching up the roads

because there is always another way

another path

another space 

another place

and I am in the right space and this is the right place 


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