I Watched A Kingdom Fall

In ages past when the world got caught up in itself,

I watched a kingdom fall, it was Hell.

I saw a Man crucified on a cross,

Bleeding like a river that needed washed,

His sides were split and legs were broken.

He died hanging on a tree, and spoke,

"It is finished", I think He was right.

But more was to be seen that night.

The Romans buried Him in the side of a hill,

Yet God wasn't done with Him still.

An earthquake shook the world.

Lightning flashed like it was Noah's Flood again.

But no rain. Just thunder. And something else...

A flash of white like a figure of Himself,

An angel clothed in light appeared,

And told us to have no fear.

Jesus had risen! How miraculous indeed!

God had raised His Son from the war on death,

And made Him new, and breathed Him breath,

Life restored, the redemption done.

We were now disciples of a Risen Son!

A Savior, my Lord, and Good Shepherd too!

The Father incarnate, Love's gift to you!

I never knew love until I heard Him call,

On the night I watched a kingdom fall.

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