I Watched

I've watched as she grew from a child into a beautiful swan.
So young, yet so smart.
As she grew up strong and tall.
And took her fair share of graceful falls.
But she always stood back up,
As she showed the world who she really was.
A young women who's mind is set on a future,
Where imagery and beauty is written in the form of words and art.
One where she could make her own amazing start.

I stood by her, just watching, as her fascination blazed into a fire,
And her love for all things impressive flooded over, becoming something more.
A little girl once so fragile and tore,
Took her pain and twisted it into something to be proud of.
As she drove off into a waiting sunset,
And continued to go towards the light,
Going towards the one thing that was firmly within sight.

I watched as she wrote emotions in the flowing of words on paper.
They were not forced or even needed.
Just something to let it all out while her broken melody mended.
And the music in her life would once again play.
As it would soon brighten every single day.
As it did before.
Through all that heartache she still held hope in her heart.
That, in this world, she would finally play her part.

I watched as the little girl grew into a women.
Her passion burns like a desire,
And sparks like an open wire.
All things become a challenge of getting there.
That someday it would come true.
That her eyes would open fully to gaze into the better things of life to.
It was a dream born and treasured,
Kept close to a place held in stone.
Where she was never truly alone,
Because that one hope kept her running,
Towards that direction.

I watched as she became stronger,
The tears and sorrow passed and remained no longer.
She made it and happiness was all she felt.
As she took that scholarship that made even the coldest of hearts melt.

I watched....as she became the person she was meant to be.
Still so young, brave and free.
A fighter who fought for her chance to be,
Someone who she could be proud of.

I watched till I needed not anymore.


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