I Want the Power of Life


Creation is the greatest and most powerful gift.

Mold me from scratch,

Indent into my figure,

Applique to my humanity.

You did this, but

It's my turn now.


No, I won't create like You:

I cannot breathe life into my creations, nor can I

Firmly grasp it and feel every smooth caress of

Fine, shiny hair or

Soft, plump flesh (I can smell the dew of a new morrow).

I am not quite as capable, but

I'll be just as close.


I will generate spirit, beliefs, foundations, and


With swift flicks of able, warm hands.

I will create worlds and fables

To show the World

Reality and Fantasy.

I will fly as close to the sun and

Relish each fleeting second I...



To the sea.


(It will be my tears that drown me - 

My tears that fill the sea.)


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