I Want My Cardigan Back (A Heartbroken Teenage Angst Rant)

I Want My Cardigan Back (A Heartbroken Teenage Angst Rant)


You said that I should get a clue

And so I did

That clue was to rid my love from you

And so I did

Exactly what you told me to do

Always what you tell me to do


And now I’m wondering why I always do that?

Maybe it’s because you have a way with words

Or maybe you’re manipulative

What if I’m too malleable

But one thing is for certain


You stole my cardigan


And everyday you walk around campus looking so goddamned triumphant in it

What’s worse is that you know you look great in it too 

And that really sucks because every time I see you in class and your wearing it

I think “Wow, she’s really pretty.”

But also, I just really want my cardigan back, man.

My mom gave it to me for my fifteenth birthday

And even though it might be a little small on me now, it still has sentimental value



Maybe I’m too attached to material things

Because now that I think about it, I keep a lot of junk lying around

But, that’s just because I’m afraid of forgetting about the memories I had with them

Speaking of memories with sentimental things, I went to my first concert in that cardigan

I had my first kiss in that cardigan 

I kissed you


And, oh! I’m doing it again. Aren’t I?

I’m thinking about that damn cardigan.


You know if I want it back so bad, I should just ask for it

But, like I said you look great in it and who am I to take that away from you?

Anyways, At this point.  I’m way too disoriented to ask you anything.

So instead, I’ll hope it keeps you warm

And that the fleece lines your heart

Because If I tried to ask for it back

I wouldn’t know where to start


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