I Want to be Heard


Trying to refine me and define me,
But you don't want to test me.
I may be as sweet as a rose,
But I'm pretty tough on my toes.
I know I'm not perfect,
But in the end it will be worth it.
My past has made me who I am today.
The things that I am doing today,
Will make me be who I am destined to be.
I am determined to be the best,
Fighting for equality for the rest.
I want to be heard,
Not to be ignored or turned away from the truth.
We need to know the truth.
Because I am sitting here listening to these suits lie everyday
And tell me about another life that has been taken away,
Without a change on his face and no pain in his voice,
Because he simply does not care.
That is why I am here to share
The truth.
I may be tough on my toes,
But I am as soft as a rose.
I feel mournful
For those who have lived in poverty,
For those who have fought for this country.
I feel their pain,
Because they have done the things which we couldn't do
And when they came home to nothing and stood on the streets
Begging for anything and saying "God Bless You"
Even when you turned away,
They know the truth,
They obtain the knowledge, they have the power.
Power like watering the Earth in spring,
Like bringing light into the darkened night,
They break
Down because there is no one to help them stand,
When all they stand for is this nation
They may seem as forgiving as a rose,
But their experiences have made them tough on their toes.
We need to know the truth,
If we don't, how can we move forward,
We need to understand that right now we are individuals.
We need to become mild and meek.
Because in the end it will be worth it,
Because in the end, we will come together,
Be bound together,
And be strong forever.
We need to be tough on our toes,
But as sympathetic as a rose.
Giving back to our community,
Living in unity,
Because together we are strong.
Because together we encourage others to move along.
I want to be heard,
Not to be ignored or turned away from the truth,
We need to know the truth.


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