I Utilize Poetry

I use poetry to bring fort important discussions,

I don't believe in limiting topics because I'm young,

But for starters, I've lost friends,

They're legal and I'm just a teen,

Life seems frugal with a hint of mean,

I've watched acts of wisdom that others have hardly seen,

Resulting in some confusion and poor actions,

Some of us are unfortunate receivers,

Victims of fraud messengers,

Pretentious and false leaders,

With invisible guns,

Right to our brains,

And as our cells run,

They collect their gains,

Ignorance seem to pay for they're cars and chains,

Above are some discussions that are my poetic fuel,

Some of it makes me want to fly out of the room,

Organize my thoughts,

Even cry as I rely on the moon.




MVP-Most Valuable Poet

embrace poetry

use poetry as a way to express yourself in your eyes, in your own reality

poem sounds angry and full of frustration

poetry allows you to do that, but also write outside the box by experiencing others walks of life

keep writing

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