I used to be so angry

I used to be so angry

It kept me going 

It was my fuel

Keeping the train that is myself moving

Through the days good and bad

Through days where I was happy or even sad

I could never find the source of this feeling

The sensation

Perhaps it was was my own frustration

But it never seemed to matter where from it came

Perhaps from the deepest contours of my brain

Anger was the only thing that kept me sane

It kept me moving through the pain

None the less, it left  its strain


At the end of the day

It left my personality seeming bleak and so gray

Like the gloomy sky in the month of may

Anger was effective until one day

Something changed

Immediately my vise and my anger gone

My false sense of strength and power gone

I was left powerless and not feeling strong

The mask I hid behind broke

What was left of me was just a shell

Trapped on earth in this mortal version of hell

I was lost felt so alone and so cold

The anger that kept me warm had weakened

Had gotten old

Now I have learned to live without it

My own personality and charisma I no longer doubt it

Because to survive I have learned

You must be comfortable being uncomfortable

Times change as do the people

If you don't stop to look you won't see how you've changed 

How you are no longer the same

How We live and We grow

Until our time is up and it's time to go






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