I Treasure You

The Dragons, they soared
Above Mountains, through clouds
Each guarded a hoard
Claws sharp, and teeth bared
They’d fight to the death
Protecting what they treasured most

When I think of you
I feel like a Dragoness
My heart burns with passion,
An intense desire to protect you from harm
To fight any foe
To cure any woe
I treasure you

The Dragons, they were strong
Fiery, and feared
Yet I can’t help but think,
Underneath all those scales
Lies a heart that feels pain
And sometimes, those eyes of steel,
They get misty, and start to rain

When I think of you
I envision a Dragon
Large and alone,
Attempting to fill with gold and with gems
A hole in it’s chest
A gaping cavern, hollow and empty

The Dragons, they were ancient
Their eyes have seen revolutions 
Kingdoms fall and kingdoms rise
The things they know, the things they’ve forgot
The truths they’ve found and believe, deep in their bones

When I think of you,
I think of your bones
Sad, weary, weighed down and heavy
But strong

Your bones, they are tired
Let them rest for a while.
I’ll be here when you wake,
My bones holding yours
Through the eternities and more
We can be Dragons

The Dragons, they have long since passed away, but my love for you shall never fade

This poem is about: 
My family


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