I Think It Was The Sun

The sun turned up the volume today,

Now we're all covering our ears

Call it summer

Call it the humidity

Call it nowhere's quiet enough,

Even the fairy lights leave your hands shaking

Rippling as the bass line tugs through them

says low and breathy, right in your ears

let me show you what it's like to feel hot

Turn back, pinch your own palm

These flightless things, these cotton balls of hands

Too heavy to float but too light to fall

Caught between a pound of feathers and a pound of lead,


The bulbs near the kitchen sink tell you that your heart line and death line intersect at the end ,

Unveil their crystal ball and sing that you will die of heartbreak ,

You will die of love, of too much sun exposure, of something you can control ,

So you control it, make fists out of nothing, clench shard of mirror in your hand till it's part of you,

You're nothing if not reflective,

Keep it soundproof, wear earplugs,

Try and scoop out your eyes from your ears,

Your brain always gets in the way


And when you do find love it will be in the dark

In the corner of your bedroom, legs an earthquake, not even electricity can find you here,

You find love in a mirror, you watch your hand like it's the prettiest song you ever heard,

Like you were just too blind to hear it ,

and there's nothing you can do about this kind of love.

so when the sun turns up the volume,

you don't call it summer.

you call it a hymn.


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