i stand in awe


United States
39° 51' 59.7348" N, 104° 46' 31.5516" W

I stand staring up
In awe I look
Mouth gapping to breath in the taste of their voice
Dizzying my self with the constellations of their rhymes
In awe I stand
Of the vast
Space enough between their lines to fit an eternity of feelings
Light years connected
By interpretations
Projected into the night
This dark expanse
That turns desires in to dreams
And dreams into reality
As the sky burns red and the sun
Too soon
Too great
For the preservation of fantasies
But in poetry we remember them
Our wild journeys of flight
Our deep recession of memory
So deep we
Forget to breathe in the night
Only through these words on paper
Do we truly remember,
And embark
On this minds journey
In search of its greatest question



My favorite lines of this poem are "This dark expanse / That turns desires in to dreams / And dreams into reality" because it adds to the fantastic, mystical vibe of this story. Great work! If you are interested in writing about dreams, go check out tips for how to do so in the "resources" section of the site under "poetry writing tips!"

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