I lay my head on the floor
Thinking that it's too late to keep that open door
As I'm tied to a post, one whip after the other
I wonder how my life will be in another
Have I love and respected you?
Have I cared no more for myself then I have cared for others?
Dear God,
Tell my mother I love her
Tell her I would never trade her for any other
Dear God,
Tell Adam he was always the best
Although I loved him no more than the rest
Dear God,
Tell Safiyyah I'll try not to be gone for long
Tell Umar and Idris they were always like an older brother
Tell Sr. Aanisah she was always my second mother
And, Br. Naasir, I will always love you as a father
I never got to take the time and notice how alike we were,
But what we had will always stay full to the truth
Cherice,and Maryam,
You leave me speachless
And to the others, you were never any less
And honestly, you were far past the best
No one could ever replace you
With all my loved ones,
I feel as if I will never lose
So, whip me as you choose
But I still refuse
I tried my best to stay strong with the rest
And I'd love to talk but its starting to get dark
So, I musn't forget my dearest friends
I left before I could see you again
You were always there for me, 
And you were always the best friend you could ever be
You were one of the best and, I wouldn't be able to decribe what we had in any letter I try to send
To my closest friends,
You know who you are
And you will always be my shining stars
You will always be in my heart
And although I'm dying, I will never fall
Not by the stab of a dart
You can make me bleed, but I will never shed a tear
I may scream
But you no longer care about what you hear
I always had Allah (sw) in the position of fear
And I will never be knocked down as long as I have him near
If you're wondering,
No, I don't have any fear,
Don't have any fear for you
Or anyone else here
And when I say this, I swear, I am being completely sincere
And for that I am not to be judged
So not by the shot of a gun
Will I ever budge


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