I Smiled (A Friend of Mine) -to AH


A friend of mine offered you an orange. 
Your eyes lit up and you got so excited. 
I smiled at your enthusiasm. 
A friend of mine told me you got a 212 
On the PSAT, two points higher than me. 
I didn't get angry, because I know you 
Deserve it. You're smarter than me. 
I smiled at your intelligence. 
A friend of mine talks to me about 
The merits of your face, and with the seating charts, 
I rarely get to see it in class. But still,
I smiled at the back of your head. 
A friend of mine knows nothing about 
How I feel towards you, (you don't either, to be honest.)
So when she brings up your test scores 
I smiled internally, so as not to give anything away. 
A friend of mine teases me constantly 
About you, because I tease her about her crush, 
And every time we end up smiling together. 
Because we both know what it's like to be in love. 
So stupidly in love. In love enough to notice 
How you hold your water bottle. 
How you read. How you don't end up looking around, bored. 
How you sit, with your ankle on your opposite knee. 
Stupid enough to notice how you walk up a set of stairs. 
I smile far more easily now, and I'm not sure it's entirely 
Because of you, but you're definitely a part of it. 
Love has many definitions for many different people. 
Mine is someone who can make me smile through the tears. 
And I smile every time I see you. 


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