I Sing


Spot lights cascade down in a silky mist of glimmer.

The curtains move ghost like from side to side.

Darkness all around, transports me to another world.

One of freedom, one of faith, one of music, and one of taste.

Eyes pierce through me; steaks and swords.

Notes dance wondrously around my head, moving my body rhythmically

Beat by beat and rhythm by rhythm sweat drips down me and I begin to see them.

Faces from the past, faces from the future, guiding me closer.

My lips peel back and my lungs fill with air out comes the song I needed to share.

Out comes my heart with one gasp of air.

A song of love, a song of life, a song of depth, and a song of might.

One that describes me with words of strength, free floating cosmically so.   

I sing because I need too, I sing because I’m free, I sing because want too, and I sing because it’s me.      


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