I showed them now

Wed, 06/12/2019 - 21:36 -- tajmac

Looking back at the old days

They would look at me and call me gay

I felt lose in the crowd because I wasn't the same

But I knew who I was and that was okay

I grew stronger and knew my worth

But they seem to care because I wasn't their type

Later down the road they saw me changing 

And I once I was hit with this quote "wow you are blazing"

They didn't expect me to glow and grow

But boy were they shook when I did cotton eye joe

I realized my worth and who I was

Because no one could tear me down


I was always the kid who was rated a good 5

But I never let that get me down because I knew I was a good 8

Self confidence is key

Because now I am strong on my feet

While growing up I realized I couldn't fight every battle

Because I knew my worth was much more valueable

Once that glow up hit

Poeple started realizing what they missed

Don't rush the process

Beacause they will sure wish they didn't diss you

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