I should have fears

Mon, 03/21/2016 - 20:58 -- B.D

I should have fears.I should be afraid of heights, I should be afraid of closed spaces,I should be afraid of bears.But the problem is ¨I should¨¨I should be afraid of ghosts .I´m not. I´m not of afraid of heights, I´m not afraid of closed spaces,I´m not afraid of bears.Because I´m afraid of something much scarier than ghosts.You see I´m afraid of love. I´m afraid to make a commitment that I or anyone could withstand. How could one be in love with someone for ever? I promise you that one day the feet on the dash board will become a distraction rather than a flirtatious action. I promise you that one day steeling the blankets in the middle of the night will not be enjoyable, but lucky if its tolerated. How could one grow up and see the only two people they love not love each other. How could one grow up believing love exists when the only they had know was that it did not. I´m afraid of heights I´m afraid to see how high I can go before falling in love. Then I will be scared. 

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My family


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