I See


I see something you can't see

it's not seen through eyes blinded with ingorance

it's not noticed by the type who cause others pain

it's not realized from who reconize external beauty


 I see what is too me so easily seen 

it's about the people inside shaking with fear

it's about the man who walks by others head down

it's about the kids left lonely when they need attention most


I notice what is too often missed

the little things that hold everything together

the eyes with the sense of past pain

the smile that is foced upon a face not willing

the sense of excitement that stikes, one you thought went unnoticed


I see this due to my sense of care.

It read you heart and told me how to mend it.

I notice this because I felt your sorrow and I am her to help.

I realized your troubles; my eyes couldn't ignore.



Guide that inspired this poem: 



It can relate to so many situations and demographics. outlines the struggles eveyday life and how one sould can reach out and effect so many.

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