I read a poem today

I'm no poet. 

Nor am I an author. 

Thoughts to words? 

Whether I am ecstatic or distressed.

All my feelings,

I can never express. 

Father, where are you? 

Mother, your expectations are too high !

Oh brother, you're troublesome.


How to escape reality for an hour ? 

With a book?


With a movie?


With a poem???


I read a poem today. 

I didn't feel anything. 

Maybe I'm not a "dreamer" nor a "peace finder". 

I read a poem today. 

I didn't feel anything. 

I read it for the sole purpose of writing this poem. 

I read a poem today and I don't think I enjoyed it. 

Maybe the message flew right over my head. 

Maybe I suck at analyzing poems. 

I quickly searched up the "poem analysis".

Oh, now it makes sense. 

I actually READ a poem today. 

It wasn't until now that I realize I am having a good time.

Not because I read a poem today. 

I'm having a really good time. 

I wrote a poem today. 


This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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