I Ran to Him

I ran to him in a time of need

He held me in his arms

I asked him why and held me tight

He kept me out of harm


He looked down and told me nothing

I just assumed the worst

He told me to prepare myself

As if it was rehearesed


What will come from behind his mind

What will he have to say

I thought this day would never come

When he would go away


What will i do here all alone

I asked him with remorse

I guess we'll have to figure it out

He told me with some force


I was a tear crawl from his eye

which i hadn't seen before

He could not say even a word

As i walked him to the door


We opened it and saw a man

Dressed up all in black

He took his hand as they went away

I hear the car door -Smack-


I watched them as they drove away

Into the setting sun

Saw the car go in a haze

As if the earth had won


I couldn't believe that he was gone

My heart began to sink

As deep as how he spoke to me

He was my missing link

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