I raise my heart


I raise my fist for all races, and for all individuals who want to be more than fabric and the monetary equivalent of a shopping spree.

I raise my fist for he who is named as evil and to he who is a hero, because while i don't know you, I know your story has either been shared or misinterpreted and who am i to act a judge of your life.

I raise my fist to the sound of all those who have been captured by the hands of intollerance and were not able to fight back.

I raise my fist to those who destroyed racial boundries and found love in many colors, to those who love, not because they are loved, but because they want somone to feel as if the love they are given could fill up an entire hot air balloon and take it across the planet only to end back in a familiar sight where love began.

I raise my fist for those who oppress others, not out of respect, but out of love for you, know that there is hope for everyone in any which kingdom of god, and know that repentance is far beyond a spiritual characteristic, but it is a human gift.

I raise my fist to those who fight for the rights of all men, not a group of men,with a set of values, but all men on this earth.

Finally I raise my hand to Trayvon Martin not out of sadness, nor empathy, nor hatred, but out of love. For it is love that get's you to the rain.
and love that get's you through the storm.

And while the Rain is heavy and the storm blinds many

The love will guide us all


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