I Promise There's More

You've known me for so long

But you don't know the real me.

You think I'm too quiet

or simple, or boring.

But I promise there's more.

I wish I could show you.

But I'm hiding behind this curtain

One that I can't ignore.

I really like concerts

and screaming and yelling.

I just have this curtain

That hides that from you.

I want to be loud 

and crazy and exciting.

I want you to like me

and be my friend and hang out with me.

But you don't know the real me.

You only see what's in front of this curtain

And you don't care to dig deeper.

But I promise there's more.

If you stick with me I'll show you.

I can open these curtains.

I can show you the real me.

But you have to be willing

To try and to listen.

I'll try my hardest

To open these curtains.

I want you to see me

I want you to know me.

But you have to do your part

To help with these curtains.

Because I promise there's more.

There will always be more.



i love this so much! i can totally relate

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