i promise, i will, i do

i promise to never let you go

do everything i can to never say no

i promise to always be by your side

no matter what happens ill always be your guide

i promise to be with you till the end of time

never let our love be a dangerous crime

i promise to always support you

and telling the truth when i say i do.


i will always be your Red Queen

beautiful and sweet but never mean

i will always be your rain of sunshine

making your day so charming and divine

i will never bring you down and take you for granite

beacause you are the greatest thing on this planet

i will always cherish your precious heart

having it every where i go even when were apart.


i do want to habe you for myself

to love and cherish me and nobody else

i do love you in sickness and in health

and ill still love you even if we are poor or rich with wealth

i do want to have your two baby girls

playing and loving them, making them our world

i do take this ring to have and to hold

as we go through life together making our loveshine like gold.

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