I prayed to be invisible

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world



I prayed to be invisible



I prayed to be invisible

Shame washed over

Like a leaf of dew

Or a blade of grass

After showers

After hours

No one is waiting

No one cares

I prayed to be invisible


They used to worry

Waiting up, wondering

It’s their responsibility they say


No one waits

No one wonders

No one cares

I know I disappoint

I prayed to be invisible


Bypassers surround

No one helps

Visions, flashes everywhere

Move along they say


Where are you going?

You’ll never find it

Empty skies

Empty hearts

The void is endless

I prayed to be invisible


Names are powerful

It seeps into people

When did humanity die?

Find someone new

Toss the other aside

Added to the growing list

Damaged, beaten down

They cross the street

Only God can save

I prayed to be invisible


Sinking in, slowly

Where are my meds?

I can’t breathe

I want to die

Lord, where are you?

I need you



Why don’t they help?

I prayed to be invisible


The smell overpowers

Help me

I can’t breathe

Metallic scratches

I’m on fire

You’ll burn for this

The world watches

I’m in agony

No amount

No love

Nothing can change this

I prayed to be invisible


You’ll be fine

Get over it

Be normal


Everyone turns their backs

As if I was a disease

No amount of alcohol

Therapy helps

Gone forever

Torn apart

Holes of memories

Flashes, shades, whispers

What happened to me?

Concealed in shadows

I prayed to be invisible


Where is God?

HE is relentless

I can’t focus

Rage, endless rage

I smear the red

Crimson drips

Then nothing




Now I am invisible.


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