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Sitting here i think outside the box and i realize,

blue and gray but another day seems so far together like a plane,

white and black, hear the loin

far and loose together like a fair, small rides and BIG ones,

darkness and light,

no dont go, no dont go, no dont go

I Like Poke Balls, no!

just sitting here i listen but i really just think,

Really I Just Think,

Forgetting As I Think Never Loving The True,

Jeans Cost Alot,

Cause Its Money, Cause Its Money

Looking  in and not saying alot, not alot

years light years small years

Days long years 33 years old

Was 15, 30, 22, 10, 31, 3, 19, 11, 17, 16, 13

All i Can say is Universe

Universe Swag

No Don't Go, No don't Go, No

I Knew A Teen

Was It Me?

Was It Me?

Blue, Everday Everday Till it's Over

I Say Everday Everday!

I am still sitting here together, together my bones break!

From my whoever is inside,

inside! Dirty things i hold inside me to talk to

Sometimes, Gray and blue!

Sometimes its not enough hearing my brain

Would the man inside take this place before colors, Let

Please let me,

Explain! Explain! Explain!

Sky why?! Isn't something better than that long stream of kool-aid?

Just a question! Explain!

A dog-house but still little than a lie! Better than before! I


The clock sounds wierd Not Forgetting 

It shows me but made for the day Explain! Explain!

Why? Why? Why?

Words move me through the Water, the playful scenes,


Back to back

Back to back, oversize the feeling 


Geodude Love, Solar Love, Ending the Love









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