I Only Wanted To Learn

Florida isn't New Russia

They're not going to start a war.

There's no black hole in Sweden

and no seamonsters near our shore.


Quit making students prove

That time doesn't exist

In an essay for which

you couldn't give two shits.


Started reading Shakespeare's Hamlet

Almost didn't make it through

You got tired of our voices

And tried to quit before Act II


Had us read from aged textbooks

Told us Nixon was alright

Made us answer every question

Couldn't say if we were right


Your chair is torn apart

The room's a cluttered mess

You care more about your dubstep

than about your english class


You don't do crap and get your pay

Write "music" to seem cool

I'm almost certain you smoke pot

Every day before and after school.


I'm done with sitting through your nonsense

Listening to your paranoid beliefs

Sayonara, there's that ring-a-ring

The bells bring me sweet relief.


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