I Never Said I Had It All

You have people in this world who:

  1. smile big and pretty all the time like their face is a postcard to be sent across the world
  2. knew that they stopped loving their wife the minute they saw the barista at the coffee shop
  3. drink down alcohol as if it is the only source of air that they know
  4. have babies like they wipe at their tears
  5. run races and organizations like the time-clock on their body is about to stop ticking in-
  6. say "Baby, I love you," like running back to them means "I'm sorry!"


  1. think before they speak because they know that speaking is a lot like messing up again
  2. speak before they think because they know that mess-ups are necessary
  3. laugh until they cry like a bird diving straight down before that final swoop
  4. stick to their family like hyrogen does to water
  5. steal the crowd before the crowd even becomes aware
  6. had your heart at "Hi, my name is..."


  1. pierce their skin like it's bursting with candy that they can't get to
  2. don't know what lazy is because their bones have only ever been worked
  3. smile big and wide as if to hide the fact that their face has seen darker things at every lowtide
  4. don't know what love is.

You have people in this world... who don't know what love is.

Love of themself. Love of another. Love of something. Love for someone.


I never said I had it all, but I at least have that.


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