I never knew loving you

I never knew loving you would hurt.  I did everything in my power to make it work. Nobody else around me feels this hurt. Just teach me to love you, help me learn. I wanna know what it takes to please you. Cuz it seems like your never satisfied. How the hell do you forget how to spell my name? Then look at me like I'm to blame.But it's so hard to stop loving you. Love blinds me so much i dont have a clue on what to do. i didn't know loving was a crime. Because I did all it took to make you mine. And now that i have you, it's like hell. You say that your happy but I can't tell. You always say that your gonna change, but instead of change, you bring me pain. When will you show me you love me? When will you show me you care? When will you stop being a pussy? And tell me that you'll always be there. I'm just so quickrun back, no matter how much you hurt me. Because I fell in love so hard, I just dont want you to desert me. I give you everything that i can, but it doesn't seem ti be enough. What else am i suppose to do with you? This relationship is getting way to tough. It's a rollercoaster ride and im starting to get queasy. The feeling that i have for you is uneasy. Because you've been acting so different lately, how can i even address you as baby? But I'll always be in love with you. No matter how much you do me dirty. But until you get your act together; I'll be learning....... TO FLY SOLO.


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