I Never Knew

Wed, 09/18/2019 - 12:28 -- AsherJ

I never knew I would leave that day.

I never knew I'd be so far away.


It happened when I was a few years old.

During that time, I was pretty bold.

At the age of four,

My Grandma led me to the car door.


I didn’t realize it then,

But I was leavin’.

A few minutes later, I asked where we were going.

They woke me up so early in the morning.


To the airport they said.

Then the GPS announced, “Turn right, ahead."

I held my Grandma’s hand

In the airport as we waited for the airplane to land.


Our airplane number was called, and people started to make a line.

I glanced at a clock, and the clock showed nine.

I followed my father as we exited the airport.

The walk was surprisingly pretty short.


I turned around to see where my Grandma was.

I wanted to hold her hand just ‘cause.

But to my dismay, she wasn’t there.

And if I was honest, it gave me quite a scare.


Then I looked around for my cousins. 

One looked so much like me, we could’ve passed for twins.

But none were near me.

I didn’t understand that I was the only one leaving the country.


Now I’m fifteen,

And I’ve only seen them through a screen.

We aren’t as close as we were then. 

There’s just so much that will never happen.


What was once family, 

Now are strangers to me.

I wish I had a second chance

Or knew I was leaving in advance.


I regretted not saying goodbye,

But it was too late, we were already in the sky.

And I didn’t just leave a country,

I left my home, which was pretty comfy.


I never knew I would leave that day.

I never knew I'd be so far away.

This poem is about: 
My family
My country
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