I Needed You

Where were you when I needed you most?
I know sounds it's cheesy 
But I thought what we had was something special.
I thought I was your best friend.
Not some piece of chopped liver.

All you ever say or do anymore has to be about boys.
Oh, not just any boy, your boy.
What ever happened to chicks before dicks?
He still follows bros before hoes.
So why not you?
Surely, if he can still hang with his friends, you can too.
So why toss us away instead?

You say you're good at multitasking,
Juggling your boy and girlfriends at the same time.
HA, I beg to differ!
I was left in the dust along with many others
While you 'multi-tasked' with your boyfriend.

Heh, I thought you were my Superman
But I guess you're just my Bizarro.
You used to be my next door neighbor
But now you're just a stranger.



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