I need you

Mon, 03/28/2016 - 03:29 -- mselzer


34° 14' 11.2812" S, 150° 48' 51.9192" E

I need your eyes looking back into mine

I need your love, your words, your time.

I need your lips and love divine

I' ve had none of this kind.


I need your secrets spilling from your soul

I need your kiss to heal and make me whole.

I need your warm body to hold

Only you can warm this bitter cold.


I need your lips moaning my name

As they make their eternal claim.

I need you to help me bear my shame

And I'll help you do the same


I need your never-ending love,

The stuff they talk about up above.

I need you and i can't get enough of

You and your perfect love.


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