I Need REAL Love

Thu, 10/19/2017 - 18:15 -- Female

I’m the spontaneous


Of a happy

But mad


Ugly but




But cooperative

Little version of


YOU Daddy


You were the


Beneath my


    You were the

Up when i was






You were my


When I was



You were 50%

Of the operation


That created this


Behind these Words


But now we see differently

I’m no longer a seven year old


Let’s go to the dance daddy

Tuck me in and read me bedtime stories

Kiss my forehead


And tell me that you love me daddy



Why am I getting my ass whipped daddy? I thought you loved me

I didn’t do anything

Mama said that’s enough

I don’t quite know what you have me watching daddy but the girl and boy are naked and she seems like she’s in pain so why won’t he stop doing that?

And my 14 month old baby sister swallowed a penny while you were out smoking with your friends daddy You said you love her

I’m hungry and I need food daddy Love me and feed me

Your friend is just a little too close to me If you loved me you would do something


But you said that’s uncle Gary and that he can touch me if he wants

And I trusted you


You are



Now I’m a seventeen year old


I know that I’m not yours Daddy

Tell me the truth

Get out of my face

I never want to see you again Daddy

  Why’d you make me another statistic Daddy



Leaving my mother to raise me by herself

Wheres the money Daddy

Why don’t you call Daddy

I know that you hate me


You said you loved me Daddy


That I was “Daddy’s Little Girl”

But remember when you

Tried to rip my last name from between my teeth  Daddy

You said it’s not adoption if you were never my father in the first place

Love doesn’t make fathers say that to their children


Just because my face

Didn’t bruise

DOESN’T mean

You didn’t

Hit me


Love doesn’t harm


I cried myself to sleep that night daddy

Tried to convince myself that you should have a presidential pardon from all of my values and ALL I could come up with was

Why the hell do I still believe in us. in the Hero image of my father bareback hard working man


But you know I finally realized


That this “love”

Isn’t really love at all


That love is supposed to be a flowing waterfall so strong and beautiful that the world can’t seem to figure out what made it

Or why it exists



A bird soaring through the sky without knowing that it’s traveled past its destination




A wild flower eager to grow and show the eternity that in those few seconds of a bloom there’s a process creating life and peace


Everything you never gave


This poem is about: 
My family


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