I NEED the pen

Fri, 06/07/2013 - 23:12 -- niyyash


United States
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As soon as the pen makes contact with my hand,
there is an immediate chemical reaction that happens between my brain and my heart.
A fire of emotions zips through my blood and suddenly the pen starts to create a stutter in my hand and I take out all my pain onto an innocent piece of paper.
I have a mindset like I' writing with a vengeance like the paper is the person I'm
getting pay back on but no its just simply for the reason that I MUST write. I need to write.
I have to write today,
I have to write because its all that i have , its all that i am.
I have to write for the people who are mute by fear
Just by looking at them and drowning into the pupils of their eyes and I can simply soak into everything and anything they want to say.
I have to write because it is the only get away that I know.
It helped me when music became a sibling for me as an only child
When my parents constant noisy symphony of words became to much.
I have to write for my sanity
I have to write to stay closer to God.
Man you don't know what this ink has done for me.
It has washed away..
molded unbearable experiences into art. It has made imperfectly beautiful poetry so thank God for second chance and thank God for the page and the pen.




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