I Need A Hill

When was that, again?

The piece of me, 

Fighting for the chance.

Lost in the nebula of a gamble…


When was that, exactly?

Tragedy, and shellshock,

But a single jump,

Turned the whole world upside down.


Violins versus guitars, 

I remember seeing that horizon for the first time.

The sea of freedom.

The city of promise.


Now I want a better view.

Somewhere, it doesn’t matter where.

Just as long as it’s mine, and mine only.

My own kingdom.


As my keys are being passed,

And the action unfolds,

I need my headquarters. 

You don’t know how ironic that is.


The reason may be sad,

But it isn’t like before.

It’s too difficult to explain,

But once I find it, you’ll see.


To another year.

The year of onward.

To ever after.

The final frontier.


No, I’m not scared.

Why should I be?

I’ve already seen this upcoming part,

From when I was six.


No, I’m not scared.

Why should I be?

I’m close to my hill.

My perfect view.


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