I Need


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I need money for college
so to gain more knoledge
I think I'm pretty smart
Especially in the performing Arts
I need my college tuition
for intellectual ammunition
I need this to resolve
Only then can I evolve
I need some financial aid
An institution wants paid
I need a grant or two
Before this bill is due
I need some funds for school
To learn the Golden Rule
I need to get a loan
I don't want to stay home
I need to grow up and see
What the world has for me
I need cash to get there
My bank account needs repair
I need to ask a favor
Career's my favorite flavor
I need an apprenticeship
I'll work for every scholarship

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Paige Felger

This is how many high schoolers feel. We feel the pressure of paying for college weighing on our shoulders. We need help.

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