I Moved Slowly as a Tiger


United States
25° 59' 12.7464" N, 80° 12' 55.44" W

I moved slowly as a tiger searching for prey,
Wondering when I have to search for food.
Thinking if I can live another day,
Hoping that it'll change my mood.
The sun opens up; letting me see my way,
I see a path leading me to play.

Searching and searching for something to eat
The struggle is getting harder.
I think I might be reaching my peak
And I feel my goal is getting farther.
I need to think fast, I need to think quick,
Or else I'm gonna get stuck in a nick.

The sun blazes down on my crouched body
As I enter near my targets,
I move fast like a new Bugatti
In an instant, it gets rowdy like a black market.
Finally the finish line I have reached
My goal I have breeched.

Now I return home; back to my cave
For now I can rest.
I coil up and think about my day
And relive the moments of it being blessed.
Now I can lay my head down peacefully
As night approches lethargy.


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