I Miss You, Granny

Oh, Granny, how I wish you weren’t in Heaven today-

You ought to be here, alive and breathing-

My life has been so very hard without you here-

But, Granny, I know this for sure:

I know that you are with God and Jesus Christ, our Savior;

I know that you are not in pain now-You’re young again-

Every month since you passed away-Every 8th of every month-

I’ve barely been able to think about you without weeping.

Granny, I miss you so so much

And I wish you didn’t have to go

But we both know that your time had come,

That God whispered in your ear

And told you to “come on home”

And you were so willing to do His bidding, so ready

You were so, so, so weary 

So you complied and left us all behind

I’m trying my absolute best to stay strong

But it’s too hard,

Granny, I wish there was some way I could see you one last time

To feel your loving arms engulf me

But there is no way.

So, I guess this my way of saying just how much I miss you and how much I wish I could’ve said goodbye.

Rest In Peace, Granny.


In Loving Memory of Charlotte “Granny” Peterson, who passed away in her sleep in the early morning hours of December 8,2015.

Rest In Peace.

This poem is about: 
My family


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