I Miss Writing

Tue, 07/05/2016 - 22:46 -- JWOOD33

As I hold the Pen in my hand 
And the Ink flowing from the tip
While I Write the Words that flow
From my Heart to my hand
I get frustrated.
Writing was Never Frustrating.
It Never used to
Make me want to Cry.
Writing makes me Angry.
Because I spend so much time on my Phone typing that I missed the Point.
So when I went to Write things down I never feel like I'm doing myself a Favor.
It's like my Heart wants to Write the Words
That are used to being Written on Paper...instead I Type them in my Phone.
So as I sit here and I Write with the Pen
In my Hand and I the Ink flowing from the Tip.
While I Write the Words that flow from my Heart to my Hand

I realize

I miss the feeling that is released When I feel the pen move a crossed the page
I miss the sound of the pen 
Scratching the paper.
I miss the frustration of 
Running out of ink.
I miss the belief of the one
Pen that fuels my inspiration.
I miss writing as the tears fall
Down my face
I miss how after I wrote I saw the 
Anger, depression, anxiety, hopelessness written on the page
I miss seeing it and knowing 
That it was no longer in my heart.
I miss the pen in my hand
I miss the ink flowing from the tip
I miss seeing the words that flow
From my Heart to my hand to the paper.
I miss writing.

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