I Love You

Tue, 01/14/2014 - 12:40 -- Jazziie

Money Owns Me

The reminder constant of things received

A gift nothing can ever just be

All youthful journeys became owed memories

Mind Our Manners

The rules of life taught by an after school handler

No discipline or guidance from the woman who matters

Motivations to persevere matched with your slander

Mind Over Matter

I'm the offended subject of your chatter

How could I not mind when your words always shatter

The violence is brutal from your verbal bladder


No one can choose whom they're born to

But we all control the things that we do

The choice to mend or harm unchanged in your pursuits

The character of a monster is the one you still choose

Permanent is the past and its consequences too

And it now seems unphathomable that you professed love is true

I don't know how things can remain and continue

But you play the victim if you hear any truth

So dammit if I must I'll just have to push through

And as long as I have to I'll choke it out, I love you


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