I Love You

I Love You, oh yes I do.

Not only do youmatter to me but I think of you in my prayers to heaven,

You mean so much to me and no one can tell you any different, 

In my eyes you are special, in my eyes you are important,

I Love You.


I Love You, inside and out, 

I cannot live a day with you gone from me, you are my every day, 

And though we have our differences,

Or we don't always get along, 

I Love You.


I love you, all day and night,

The world does not deserve such a glorious being like yourself,

So that the world cannot stand against you knowing someone loves you,

I Love You.


I hope that this day brings you joy and plenty love,

I hope that this makes you day and lifts your spirits, 

I hope that you read this some day and are reminded how you are loved.


Because, guess what, I Love You.

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My community
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