I Love Me - Oshun The Poet

You see, I love me
Self acceptance. I can accept myself
When at first I felt the need to be validated by everyone else.
You see, I love me
Self awareness. I am aware of my feelings and thoughts
I no longer act on impulse.
You see, I love me
Self respect. I behave with honor & dignity
I stand for myself, morals and values indefinitely
You see,I love me
Self care. I'm taking care of me mentally and physically
Nothing can hinder me.
You see, I love me
It took awhile to believe.
Staying true to me.
I care, respect, love, accept, and no longer neglect......me.
I gave myself away
For myself I harbored hate
Bullied for a speech impediment
Although my intelligence is evident.
I gave myself away due to hurt an immaturity
The way I see myself now has others thinking more of me
The trauma during childhood
As an adult loitered in adulthood.
Trauma made decisions for me
Trauma moved subliminally
I gave myself away
The pieces together now in one place
I no longer need that validation
Self Love is a celebration
No doubt in my mind
You see, I love me. I belong to me all the time.
Self love encourages loving others better too
Pour love into others yet always pour first into you.

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Our world


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